Design Your Own
Fender Guitar or Bass


Welcome to the American Design Experience

From their modular designs to their interchangeable pickups, Fender instruments are made to be personalized.
Now you can become a part of this rich tradition and turn your own vision into reality.

There is an estimated 90 day build time prior to shipping for American Design Instruments.

Our Foundation

History is
in Your Hands

From classic body styles to powerhouse pickups, Fender's timeless and versatile designs are right at your fingertips.

Your Design

Look for Inspiration or Start From Scratch

We've put you in the driver's seat to create a truly unique instrument. With the American Design Experience, you're in complete control.

Built to Order

Designs Crafted
by Expert Hands

Your guitar is created by hand at the world-famous Fender factory in Corona, Calif.

Need help? Visit our dedicated support section for answers to all ADE-related questions.