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Backing up your Fender® G-DEC® 3 Presets

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I'm lending my Fender® G-DEC® 3 to a friend for a few days and I want my Presets to be safe. Is there a way I can back them up?

You can use the Fender® FUSE™ software to backup all – or just a few – of your Fender G-DEC 3 Presets. This is basically the same as taking a virtual snapshot of all Presets and the Band Track information stored in them. Backing up Presets can be useful if you would like to keep a copy of your Preset data stored on your computer for safe keeping. It would also be ideal if you would like to have access to different sets of Presets for different performances or gigs.

To backup all or just a few of your Fender G-DEC 3 Presets:

  1. Launch Fender FUSE.
  2. Select Backup under the Utilities menu.
  3. Select a Preset # to back up just one Preset or check the Select All box to backup all Presets.
  4. Enter a Name for the Backup file.
  5. Click the OK button.