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Changing a theme in Fender® FUSE™

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How can I change my theme in the Fender® FUSE™ software?

To change a theme in Fender® FUSE™ software on your Mac or PC, please follow the steps included below. First, launch the Fender FUSE application. Fender FUSE will always open with the Amp Theme, by default. This is normally the same theme as the Original theme; however, if you have a Fender G-DEC 3 Special Edition edition connected, it will display the Blues, Country or Metal theme, depending on its content. We have recently made changes to Fender FUSE so that you can access any of these themes, regardless of which Fender FUSE compatible device is connected. To change the theme in Fender FUSE, click the Main Menu button (upper left corner) to access the Main Menu options. Once here, click the Themes option. You can now select between Original Theme, Blues Theme, Country Theme, Metal Theme and Amp Theme. You can select a theme from the list. Each selection will display a different theme (please see below for images). 

Step 1. Click Main Menu to change from Original theme

FUSE stock test

Step 2. Click Themes to select theme.

FUSE select theme 

Blues Theme

FUSE Blues theme 

Country theme

FUSE Country theme

Metal theme

FUSE Metal theme

Amp theme

FUSE Amp theme