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How do I contact Fender Consumer Relations? Can I talk to someone in Fender's Tech Support department regarding my guitar and/or amplifier?
Contact Information

Our Consumer Relations Department exists as a service to anyone interested in any FMIC product. You may reach the FMIC Consumer Relations Department by mail at:


Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
Attn: Consumer Relations Dept.
17600 N. Perimeter Drive, Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85255


1-800-856-9801 (US Toll Free)
1-480-596-7195 (International) 
(480) 367-5262

Guitar and Amplifier Technical Support

Fender Consumer Relations department representatives can assist you with most technical questions about guitars or basses. It's almost impossible, however, to diagnose a complex technical issue by phone. To expedite a resolution to your problem, Fender representatives may refer you to a certified technician at a Fender Authorized Service Center in your area.

Regarding technical support for amps, Fender is very limited in what it can discuss with consumers because of liability issues and the complex nature of amplifier electronics. As Fender amplifier products typically aren't user-serviceable, representatives may refer you to a certified technician at a Fender Authorized Service Center in your area for assistance.

Nor can Fender advise consumers on guitar, bass and amplifier modifications, as these void the warranty that instruments and amps come with. Please contact an independent repair facility or aftermarket parts dealers for assistance and information.

Fender.com Lounge Forums Help

Have a question about your Fender Forums username or password? Or... is your question about the Fender.com Forums or some other feature of the Fender.com Community area?

We would ask that you please NOT contact Consumer Relations for any issues regarding your username, password, Fender Profile, the Fender.com Forums, nor any other concerns regarding the Community section of Fender.com.

FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY (for example, if you are experiencing repeated difficulty logging in), please contact ForumAdmin@fender.com if your question concerns any of the issues above.