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Creating, Editing, and Saving Fender® FUSE™ Presets

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Creating, Editing, and Saving Fender® FUSE™Presets
Fender® FUSE™ can be used to create Presets for use with the Mustang™, Bronco™ 40, Passport® mini, and G-DEC® 3 series amplifiers.  Creating a new Preset in Fender FUSE is easy. First, click the "New" button located in the upper left corner of the interface. This will create a blank Preset with no FX or Preset information assigned to it. 

Select the desired amp model and FX and adjust the settings of each to your liking. Once you are satified with the sound of your Preset, you can choose to ad Preset information to it by clicking the "Preset Info" tab in the Preset Editor screen. The Preset can be saved directly to the Mustang I/II and Bronco 40 by clicking the Save button and selecting a Preset slot # to save the Preset to. 
To edit an existing Preset, simply locate the Preset either on your connected amplifier or in the Fender FUSE Preset browser or Media Library.  Once it's loaded up in the Preset Editor screen, make the changes and adjustements you'd like and save it the same way you would save a new Preset.