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Downloading and Installing Fender® FUSE™ on Windows

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How can I download and install the Fender® FUSE™ software on Windows?
To download and install Fender FUSE software on your Windows PC, please follow the steps included below. Please note that we have used Windows 7 as the installation system for this article. If you are using Windows XP, Vista or 8, your installation process may vary slightly and look somewhat differetn in some areas. Additionally, it is likely that some users may see various Windows security warnings pop up during this process. This is normal and will vary depending upon which version of Windows you have installed. 

To begin, navigate to http://fuse.fender.com/. You will see the following web page. Click on "Download for PC" Under the SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD text.

FUSE Win download

Win Download link

Next, click Save as seen here.

FUSE Win download2

After you click on Save, you will see the window below. Let the file complete downloading.

FUSE Win download3

Once the file download is complete, click Run as seen below. The notice of verification is normal.

FUSE Win download4

After selecting Run, you will see the Fender FUSE Setup Wizard open. Click Next to continue.

FUSE install Win1

Read through the End User License Agreement, and click Agree.

FUSE install Win2

Here click Next and allow Fender FUSE to install in the default location as shown.

FUSE install Win3

Leave the default Start menu as shown and click Install.

FUSE install Win4

If your system needs Microsoft Silverlight, the installer will promt you at this point. Select Yes to allow Silverlight to install.
Silverlight is required for the Fender FUSE software to install and operate.

FUSE install Win5 SL1

Next, click Install Now.

FUSE install Win5 SL2

Once Silverlight has completed installing, click on Close. The Fender FUSE installation will begin next.

FUSE install Win5 SL3

FUSE install Win5

If your amplifier was connected during installation, you will need to turn the amp off and back on (power cycle). Then click OK.

FUSE install Win Amp Connect

Once the installation is complete, click Finish, and the installation process will be complete.

FUSE install Win6