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Factory Restore File for Original Panel Fender® Mustang™ I and II amplifiers

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Factory Restore File for Original Panel Fender® Mustang™ I and II (V1) amplifiers

A small amount of early production Fender Mustang I and Mustang II (V.1) amplifiers were manufactured with a slightly different front panel than the later units. These units had red lettering on the front panel as well as having the amp models arranged in a different order. Because of this, once the firmware has been updated using Fender FUSE, the front panel will no longer match what is displayed in Fender FUSE.

The serial model ranges affected are:

Mustang I: CGPC10006505 to CGPC10006759 except #'s 6628,6621,6756,6603,6757

Mustang II: CGPC10006760 to CGPC10007014 except #'s 7009,7010,7011,7012,7013

As a solution to this problem we have created a custom restore file for those early amps.  If you have one of the aforementioned models, please follow these instructions to ensure your amp and Fender FUSE are displaying the proper Preset information. 

  1.  Download the Mustang Original Panel Backup Set located below. Unzip the file into the directory containing your FUSE backup and restore files. On a PC, this is normally located in My Documents ->Fender ->FUSE ->Backups and on a Mac in Documents ->Fender ->FUSE ->Backups.

  2. From the Fender FUSE UTILITIES Menu select Restore.


  3.  Locate and select the backup titled "Original Panel Mustang Backup Set" and press the RESTORE button.

  4. Wait a few seconds for completion.

  5. The amplifier front panel and the Fender FUSE Presets should now match.