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Fender® EXP-1 Expression Pedal

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The Fender® EXP-1 Expression Pedal was created specifically for use with Fender® Mustang™ III, IV, V, and Mustang Floor.  The EXP-1 expands the functionality of these amps when using them standalone or along with Fender® FUSE™.  Have you ever created a really groovy wah effect on your Mustang only to realize theres no way to control it in realtime?  If so, then the EXP-1 was made for you.  Not only can it be used to control wah or similar effects, but it can be assigned to nearly any effect or amplifier parameter.  Would you like to have realtime control for an overdrive effect for that monster solo?  The EXP-1 Expression Pedal has you covered.  

The EXP-1 connects directly to the MS-4, 4 button footswitch input on the Mustang III, IV, V, and to the EXP-1/MS-4 input on the Mustang Floor.  It also contains a pass-through jack that allows you to daisy chain the MS-4, 4 button footswitch.  This aids in reducing the clutter normally associated with multiple pedals in your setup.  

When using the EXP-1 with the Mustang Floor, you have the ability to control 2 different amplifier or effects parameters in realtime along with overall volume.  You can actually control the volume level of a reverb, for example, while simultaneously having control over the delay time of a delay effect. The EXP-1 can be setup to control these parameters right on the Mustang Floor itself. When using the EXP-1 with the Mustang III, IV, and V amps, setup in Fender FUSE is necessary.  For more information about the EXP-1, Mustang III, IV, V, and Fender FUSE, take a look at the EXP-1 Quick Start Guide and Fender FUSE manuals below.

The EXP-1 expression pedal calibration procedure is as follows:

-Press and hold UTIL while powering on, UTIL LED should light up for 1 second.
-Move the expression pedal between the desired heel and toe endpoints to set the range.
-Turn the encoder knob to the next Preset to complete the process.