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Fender Fishman® TriplePlay Stratocaster® HSS Third Party Software Registration and Authorization (Win)

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How can I register and authorize my Fender Fishman® TriplePlay Stratocaster® HSS Third Party Software?
Once you have run the TriplePlay_Setup installation, you will need to register and authorize your third party software. To register and authorize the IK Multimedia then the Native instruments software on your Mac, follow the instructions below. To begin, launch the IK Multimedia Authorization Manager, click Next and follow the steps below.    

Register and Authorize the IK Multimedia software

1. Select the NEW USER button as seen below.

IK Multimedia_Auth1_Win

2. From the Please insert your data screen, enter the information requested, then click NEXT.

IK Multimedia_Auth2_Win

3. Your browser will launch and take you to the IK Multimedia New User Registration page.
Leave this page open and go to your TriplePlay Users Download page.

4. Carefully copy the SampleTank 2.5 XT Activation Code [serial number format
XXXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXX], then minimize the browser window and return to the
Activation Manager.

5. In the Authorization Manager, click the PASTE button. The Authorization Manager checks the serial number against the server it has connected to,
while displaying the “processing” message. When the serial number is copied correctly, the number entered will have a green dot with OK, then the
serial number has been accepted. If you are having difficulty copying and pasting, enter the SampleTank 2.5 XT Activation Code by carefully typing
it in the provided Serial Number fields.

IK Multimedia_Auth3_Win

6. You can click the NEXT button now, and then DONE in the Authorization Manager as seen here.
Optional IK Multimedia installs are available. Consult IK Multimedia for more information.

IK Multimedia_Auth4_Win

Note: Your registration with IK Multimedia may provide access to additional free software packages.
Log in to your User Area at http://www.ikmultimedia.com/userarea/ for information.

Register and Authorize the Native instruments Software

1. Launch the Native Instruments Service Center as seen here and click on the "Create new user account".

NI Service Center_1_Win

2. Next, enter the serial number provided in your TriplePlay registration for NI Komplete Elements and click Activate.

NI Service Center_2_Win

3. The next screen shown below should state that "All selected products have been activated" in green as seen below.
Click Update to continue.

NI Service Center_3_Win

4. After you click Update, you should see the following screen. These updates are required to ensure compatibility
with the TriplePlay software. Click Download to continue. Note that the updates should be downloaded to a convenient location
such as your Desktop or Downloads folder.

NI Service Center_4_Win

5. Once the updates have been downloaded, you should see the screen below. At this point, please close the NI
Service Center, locate and run the software updates for the Native Instruments package.

NI Service Center_5_Win

When you are finished, open the Kontakt Player standalone from the Applications folder. Don’t worry about the audio configuration.
You will be asked if you want to import files. Click OK. Also open Reaktor Player Standalone and Guitar Rig Standalone.