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Fender® FUSE™ Troubleshooting Documentation

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Where can I find troubleshooting documentation for my Fender® FUSE™-connected product?
If you are using Fender® FUSE™ and are experiencing issues with installation or useage of the software, please see the troubleshooting support links listed below in the Related Downloads section. These are typically the most common issues that Fender FUSE users encounter. If you go though the troubleshooting steps that are related to the issue you are experiencing and are not able to resolve the issue with this support information, please contact the Fender Technology Support Lab directly for additional assistance (tsl@fender.com).

Attention Vista Users:

Windows Vista is known to have issues with USB devices if they move USB ports or if you disconnect then reconnect to the same port. Windows support suggests to reboot the mother board. To do this you need to power down your computer. Once powered off disconnect the computer from the power supply (unplug it from the wall socket) and wait for 60 seconds. This is needed because even when powered off the computer still supplies a small amount of power to the mother board.