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Fender® G-DEC® 3 Phrase Sampler menu screens

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I've recorded and overdubbed some parts using the Phrase Sampler. How do I adjust settings of the Phrase Sampler?
The Phrase Sampler function of the Fender G-DEC 3 Thirty includes useful features such as undo, saving and loading of phrases, and the ability to alter the pitch and tempo of a phrase.  These functions are all accessed from the phrase menu. The Phrase menu is where you’ll find the different screens that are used to change the configuration of the Phrase Sampler.
These are the menu screens of the Phrase Sampler: 
Commit: If you choose this option, your dub phrase will be kept (together with your original Phrase) so that you can record and erase additional dubs without losing your "committed" dub track. This function basically ties your dub phrase with the original phrase so it can’t be overwritten when a new dub phrase is recorded.

Undo: This function will erase your dub phrase (second layer) but will leave your original phrase (first layer) intact.
Save Phrase: If you would like to save your phrase, this page will allow you to save it to your Fender G-DEC’s hard drive (HD) or to your SD Card.
Load Phrase: Select a phrase file using the Encoder knob. Then, press either of the Load soft keys to load a phrase that has been previously saved to your hard drive or SD Card.

Phrase Level: Use the encoder knob to adjust the playback level of the Phrase Sampler.
Dub Feedback: This control reduces the volume level of your previous dubs when compared to the current dub to make the latest dubs stand out.
Phrase Mode: Select Synchronous when playing along with MIDI files to have your phrase trimmed perfectly to the nearest measure.
Phrase Source: Select the options for the Phrase Sampler to record just your guitar, just the band, or both. This setting only affects the original phrase and not the dub phrase, which only records your guitar.
Phrase Speed: Modifies the playback speed of the recorded phrase.
NOTE: The Dub function is disabled if Phrase Speed is set to anything except 100%.
Phrase Pitch: Selecting any option besides No Shift modifies the pitch of the phrase being played back. Values are displayed in negative digits, which will lower the pitch of the phrase, or as positive digits, which will raise the pitch of the phrase being played.
NOTE: The Dub function is disabled if Phrase Pitch is set to anything except No Shift.
Playback: Select Once to playback the phrase one time or choose Repeat to loop the phrase repeatedly.
Quality: Select Low Resolution for a longer phrase recording time (2 min, 20 sec) and High Resolution for better quality recording but shorter recording time (35 sec).
Phrase Delete: Select a phrase to delete using the Encoder knob. Then press either of the Delete soft keys.