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Fender® G-DEC® 3 Phrase Sampler

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How do I use the Phrase Sampler in the Fender G-DEC 3?

The Phrase Sampler is used to record and overdub audio phrases directly to the Fender G-DEC 3. Phrase recording and playback is controlled by the Record and Playback transport buttons on the front of the amp.

To record a Phrase, press the Record button. Press Record again to stop recording. If you would like to overdub another phrase on top of the original, press the Dub button. Phrase Sampler input levels are controlled by the Volume and Band Level knobs. Phrase playback level and other options such as Phrase Load/Save are located in the Phrase menu on the Fender G-DEC 3.

Note: The Phrase Sampler functionality is disabled when using the Fender G-DEC 3 as an audio interface connected to your computer.