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Fender® G-DEC® 3 SD Card Compatibility

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I have a few different types of SD and micro SD cards. Which ones can I use with the Fender G-DEC 3?

Most brands of Class 2 and Class 4 SD (Secure Digital) Cards are supported by the Fender G-DEC 3 except for SD cards manufactured by Kodak® or Kingston®. Kodak and Kingston SD cards are known to be incompatible with the Fender G-DEC 3’s software due to the way the card reads and writes data.

Additionally, many SDHC cards with capacities of up to 8GB have been tested and are supported for use with the Fender G-DEC 3. Although SDHC cards with more than 8 GB capacity may work, they are not officially supported at this time.

Sandisk SD and SDHC cards are recommended.

NOTE: Using Micro SD cards in the Fender G-DEC® 3
The card reader in the G-DEC can also read and write data to and from Micro SD cards as long as a properly sized Micro SD card adapter is used. These adapters can be found at most electronics stores. There is no difference between SD and Micro SD cards other than the physical size of the card itself.