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Fender® G-DEC® 3 - Teacher/Student Tips

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G-DEC® 3 Teacher/Student Tips
The Fender® G-DEC® 3 is the ultimate tool for teachers and students in the guitar lesson studio. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your G-DEC 3.

Putting play-along content on an SD card
Turn G-DEC 3 power on. Insert blank, unformatted SD card into card slot. After a few seconds, the SD card is now formatted with the folders it needs (PHRASE, MIDI, AUDIO, PRESETS).

If student has any audio content on their computer that they want to play along with (wav or mp3 format) they can add these files to the card. Insert the formatted SD card into the computer’s card reader, locate the files, and drag into the card’s AUDIO folder.

Access the content on the SD Card
  1. Insert SD card into SD slot.
  2. Press and hold EXIT/UTIL button to access utilities menu.
  3. Use left or right cursors below the LCD screen to reach “import” screen.
  4. Follow instructions on screen to “turn knob to import” presets.
  5. Turn data wheel to audition specific presets from the card; if a preset has a corresponding Band Track also on the card, you can press START/STOP to play the track.
  6. To audition Band Tracks (wav or mp3 files) on the SD card, press QUICK ACCESS twice. You can now scroll through the SD card’s band tracks and press START-STOP to play them.
Phrase Sampling
This allows the teacher to save a scale, chord pattern, or other lesson example to the student’s SD card. The student can then play back the example at home on their G-DEC 3 or computer.

  1. Press the ?(record) button once to start loop recording function. 
  2. Play guitar and/or play a band track. Press the ? (record) button to stop recording. Loop will now play indefinitely until you press the same button again to stop it. Loop is now temporarily stored.
  3. If you wish to overdub (add) another part on the loop, press the DUB button once and create overdub. When you’ve finished the overdub, press the DUB button to stop overdubbing. Loop will continue to play to the end of the phrase.
  4. Press ?(play) to stop and start playback of the phrase sample. 
  5. In the PHRASE menu, you can also scroll to SPEED and PITCH adjustments.
  6. The optional ULT-4 footswitch gives you hands-free control of STOP, START, RECORD, and more.

Saving a phrase sample
  1. Once you’ve created a loop that you want to save, press PHRASE button (situated below the LCD screen on the right side)
  2. Press PHRASE button until you reach the “Save” screen.
  3. Turn silver wheel to decide if you want to save on the hard drive (HD) or the SD card (SD).
  4. Press “Save Phrase” button just below the LCD screen in the middle.
  5. File will now be saved numerically as “GDEC0000.wav” on your hard drive or SD card. Each consecutively saved loop will be one number higher.
  6. When a teacher saves phrase samples to an SD card, the student can take a piece of the lesson home with them!

Other important features of G-DEC 3 for teachers and students

Second input (on the back panel) lets both players plug into one amp.

High-quality digital chromatic tuner is included

Metronome is included on presets 96-99

For more detailed application info, go to http://www.fender.com/support/articles/?search=fender+g-dec+3