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Fender® G-DEC® 30 MIDI Files

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Where can I find the MIDI files from the Fender G-DEC 30?
This zip file contains the MIDI files that were included with the original Fender G-DEC 30 and can be downloaded by clicking the link below in the "Related Downloads" section. Once downloaded, the zip file should be extracted (opened) and the MIDI files within the folder should be copied (files only, without the folder) to either the amp's hard drive in the MIDI folder or to an SD card in the MIDI folder.

To copy the MIDI files to the amp's hard drive, you will need to place the amp in USB Drive mode (http://www.fender.com/support/articles/fender-g-dec-3-usb-drive-mode). Once in USB Drive mode, you can access the MIDI folder on the drive and copy the MIDI files to it. After the files are added to the amp, you can use Quick Access or add the MIDI files to any Preset (00-99) to utilize them. Alternately, you can simply copy the MIDI files to the MIDI folder on an SD card in the MIDI folder and access the files through Quick Access here as well by pressing on the Quick Acces button until you see "SD- MIDI" on the amp's display.