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Fender® Instrument Replacement Decal

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Is it possible to get a replacement decal for my old Fender instrument?

How to obtain a replacement decal:

  1. To help us achieve the best match of available decals, take at least 4 clear photographs of your instrument, (the entire front, entire back of the instrument and a close-up of the front and back of the headstock). This will help us verify that it is indeed a genuine Fender product in need of a replacement decal, (if the instrument has the serial number stamped into the neck plate, please include a pencil "rubbing" from the neck plate showing this number).
  2. Next, take the photos along with your guitar to the nearest Authorized Fender Service Center, where they will evaluate the instrument.
  3. After comparing the instrument with the photos, they will then mail the photos and neck plate rubbing to our Product Support team in Scottsdale.
  4. Once we receive the photographs, we will try to find the most accurate decal for that instrument.
  5. We will then send the appropriate decal to the Authorized Service Center.
    Note: Decal availability is limited to certain models, and while Fender does not charge a fee for a replacement decal, the Fender Authorized Service Center may charge a fee for providing this service to you.