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Fender® Mustang™ Floor Unique Features

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An overview of the unique features found on the Fender® Mustang™ Floor
The Fender® Mustang™ Floor provides users with a host of new features not found on any of the other products in the Mustang series. Here's a brief overview of some of those features.  

MIDI In/Out 
The Mustang™ Floor features extensive MIDI functionality.   Virtually any amplifier or effect parameter is controllable through MIDI continuous controller commands.  Additionally, any preset can be called up via MIDI program changes.  A complete list of MIDI continuous controller commands can be found starting on page 10 of the Mustang™ Floor Advanced Owner's Manual.  

FX Loop Bypass 
The Mustang™ Floor features an FX insert loop similar to the FX loop found on the Mustang III, IV and V models.  The FX loop on the Floor, however, can be bypassed either directly from the dedicated footswitch on the Floor or through Fender FUSE.  This provides even greater flexibility in changing tones on the fly, with the added ability of reducing the clutter that dedicated footswitches can bring.

Direct Line Outputs
Direct line outputs allow users to use their gear with different types of equipment setups.  For this reason, we included balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" direct outputs into the Mustang Floor.  Want to connect Floor to a PA system for a gig?  No problem!  Need to record directly to your computer through an audio interface?  No problem!  There are multiple ways to incorporate Mustang Floor into your setup.  

EXP-1 Compatibility
The Mustang™ Floor features a dual mode expression pedal.  This allows you to control any amp or effect parameter in addition to controlling the overall volume of the guitar signal.  For users that would like expression control over more than one parameter at a time, we developed the EXP-1 pedal.  The EXP-1 basically acts as a second assignable expression pedal when connected to Mustang Floor.  It can be assigned to control any amplifier or FX parameter.  For instance, you can assign the Floor's expression pedal to control the volume of a tremolo effect, while the EXP-1 can be used to control the level or frequency of a wah effect.