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Fender® Mustang™ III, IV, V 2 and 4 Button Footswitch

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Using the Fender® Mustang™ II, IV, V (V1, V2) amps with the MS-2 and MS-4 foot switches.
The 4 button footswitch (Part#0080996000) has three modes that are identified by the three LEDs labeled MODE 1, MODE 2 and MODE 3. Thefootswitch also has a Tuner mode which is indicated when all of the mode LEDs are off. To switch between modes, press the MODE button. To activate Tuner mode, press and hold the MODE button.

Mode 1—In mode 1 the footswitch is used to select one of three Quick Access presets, using the buttons labeled: QA1 /QA2 / QA3 (in line with the MODE 1 LED). When you select a Quick Access preset, the number of the preset will appear in the display of the footswitch. You can any assign any preset to be a Quick Access preset in the Utility menus. Check out the Fender® Mustang™ Advanced Maunals linked below in the Related Downloads section for further details. 

Mode 2—In mode 2 the foot switch is used to select presets down/up, or in banks of 10, using the buttons labeled: DOWN/ UP / BANK (in line with the MODE 2 LED). When you select a preset, the number of the preset will appear in the display of the footswitch.

Mode 3—In mode 3 the foot switch is used to bypass the Stompbox, Modulation or Delay effects, using the buttons labeled: STOMP / MOD / DELAY (in line with the MODE 3 LED). The foot switch button LEDs indicate the effects that are active, just like the buttons on the amplifier.

You can also have a foot switch button assigned to bypass the Reverb effect by adding on the 2-button Mustang footswitch (see Six-Button Footswitching
options, below).

Two-Button Footswitch (Part#0080997000) Connect a 2-button footswitch to your Mustang amplifier (included with the Mustang III, optional equipment for the Mustang IV & V) to enable remote multi-function foot control. Use the Utility menus to assign one of the following functions to the 2-button footswitch:

• Select presets (up/down)
• Select Quick Access presets (QA1/QA2)
• Bypass effects (various combinations)
• Set TAP interval

Six-Button Combination Foot Switch Options:

To take advantage of both a 4-button and a 2-button footswitch with your Mustang III-V amp, connect both pedals to your amp and see the examples of usage listed below.

• In this example, select QA (Quick Access) mode on the 4 button and Down/Up mode on the 2 button (Utilities menu on amp). With this combination, you can use three pre-selected Quick Access Presets of your choice, and by strategically selecting the location where you save the QA Presets, you can arrange the Preset order so that if 10, 20 and 30 are your QA Presets, 9 and 11, 19 and 21 and 29 and 31 can be a click away with the 2 button foot switch in Down/Up mode.
• Another example would be using the 2 button foot switch in QA mode along with the 4 button foot switch in Effects Bypass mode or Mode 3. This way, you could have easy access to 2 of your favorite Presets while having the ability to bypass and re-engage effects that are associated with the currently loaded Preset.
• In this example, you would select mode 2 on the 4 button foot switch and select any of the 10 possible effects pairs to use for bypass/re-engage on the 2 button foot switch. This way, you can get the convenience of a number of possible effects control pairs and the ability to quickly select individual Presets and move up and down through banks of 10 Presets at a time.

Note: These are three examples of posible 2 button/4 button combinations. These combinations can be arranged on any combination that each pedal allows. So, we encourage you to experiment and find the combination that works best for you. Additioinally, when using the 4 button foot switch with a Fender® Mustang™ V2 III-V amp, you can lock the mode for the 4 button foot switch on the amp in Ultilities, so that you won't accidentally switch it into another mode.