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Fender® Mustang™ Mini Battery Operation

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The sound of my Mustang™ Mini is distorting at low volume levels.
The Fender® Mustang™ Mini amplifier can be powered by either the included power supply or by 6 "C" batteries.  When powering the amp from batteries, be sure to use cells from well known manufacturers (Energizer, Duracell) in order to get the best performance out of your Mustang Mini.  When using such batteries, you can expect to receive 12-15 hours of normal use out of the amp.  

When the batteries in the Mustang Mini start to drain, you'll notice that the sound of the amp will start to distort at lower volume levels.  As they begin to die, you may notice the sound of the amplifier cutting out intermittently or even altogether.  If either occurs, you should replace the batteries immediately.