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Fender® Passport® mini Preset Layout Information

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Where can I find additional information regarding Passport® mini Preset layout and access?
The Passport mini model utilizes a different Preset configuration than other products in the Fender® FUSE™ compatible product range. Where the Fender Mustang I, II and Mustang mini use a layout that has (3) Banks with (8) Presets in each, the Passport mini offers access to its 24 Presets in the following order. As seen in the image below, the Passport Mini has (8) Preset LEDs. Turning the Preset knob on the Passport Mini will cause the Presets in the 1st "position" of the Instrument channel to step through the Amber, Green and Red Presets for that location. Turn the Preset knob slowly to audition the Amber, Green and Red Presets for each of the 8 Preset locations (labeled A-G & the # symbal on the amp).  

PP Mini Preset Layout image2

In Fender FUSE, the software will show the Amber, Green and Red Presets for locations 1-8 (labeled A-G & the # symbal in Fender FUSE) in the Media Library and in the pull down list in the Preset Editor screen as seen in the image below. Presets are fully editable and can be saved as normal within Fender FUSE or edited with available controls and saved directly on the Passport Mini.

FUSE PP Mini Preset List