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G-DEC® 3 Original and Special Edition Content Download and Installation

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Download G-DEC® 3 Original and Special Edition content.

The G-DEC® 3 FSR (Factory Special Run) Special Edition series amplifiers are tailored to cover specific genres and styles of music.  We realize that some owners of the original G-DEC® 3 may want access to some of the genre-specific content included on the Special Edition amps.  For that reason, we've made it easy for you to load the Special Edition content onto your standard G-DEC® 3.  This effectively “converts” your original G-DEC® 3 to a Special Edition model.     

By updating the firmware and media files on your G-DEC® 3, you can have access to the same Blues, Country, and Metal Presets and Band Tracks that G-DEC® 3 Special Edition owners have access to.  To download Special Edition content for your amp, click the corresponding download link below. 

NOTE:  An SD card with a capacity of 256mb or greater is required to install the G-DEC® 3 Special Edition content on your amp.


Installing this content on your G-DEC 3 will erase every Preset and Band Track present on the amp.  If you'd like to backup your amp's content, you can do so using the Backup function in Fender FUSE.  This process will not erase any Presets or Band Tracks stored on the SD card.  

To install the Original 
or Special Edition Fender G-DEC 3 content:

1. Locate the .zip file that you downloaded previously.  Double-click the file to unzip it.  This should result in four separate files, one with a “.bin” file extension, one with an “.img” extention, a firmware file ending in”.upd”, and a “.txt” read me file.  

2. Insert your SD card into your computer’s SD card reader.  Click and drag all files except for the .txt readme file to the root level (not inside any folders) of the SD card and wait for the files to copy.  

3. Once the files have finished copying, you may remove the SD card from the card reader and insert it into your G-DEC 3.  

4. Power on the amplifier with the SD card inserted. If the amp was powered on when the SD card was inserted, please power it off and on again.  

5. The G-DEC 3 screen should display a message that says “IMAGE FOUND: Press Start to Load or Press EXIT to skip”.  This is the image containing the Band Track audio files.  Please press the Start/Stop button to install the Band Tracks.  This process will take approximately ten minutes.    

6. Once the process is complete, power cycle the amp once more.  You will be presented with the same “IMAGE FOUND” message from step 5.  This time around, press EXIT to skip it.  You’ll see another screen that says “UPDATE FOUND: Press Start to Load or Press EXIT to skip”. This is the G-DEC 3 firmware update file.  Press the Start/Stop button to begin the update.  

7. Once the update is complete, the amp will display “UPDATE COMPLETED: DELETE UPDATE FILE FROM SD CARD?  Press Start to Delete or Press EXIT to skip.”  Please delete the file from the card by pressing the Start/Stop button on the amp.  

8. After deleting the file, your amp should reboot and briefly display the Fender logo splash screen followed by a special splash screen indicating which firmware version is installed.  FSR firmware will display either Country, Metal, or Blues.  If you installed the original G-DEC 3 firmware and media files, you’ll see the standard G-DEC 3 splash screen after the Fender logo screen.

9. You should now have a fully functional G-DEC 3 amplifier with the desired content loaded.  

NOTE 1. :  The IMAGE files from step 5 will still be present on the SD card.  It is recommended that you remove those files by insterting the SD card into your computer and deleting the .IMG and the .BIN files.  If you don’t remove these files, you will be prompted to install them again whenever you boot up your amp with the SD card inserted.

NOTE 2. :  If the steps above are not resulting in the amplifier being correctly loaded with the content that you have selected, please try loading the firmware file (.upd file) first. In this case, you will copy the .upd file only to the root level of the SD card by itself and run the update to the amp's firmware (power cycle the amp and follow the on-screen instructions). Once you have updated the firmware, then you will need delete the .upd file from the SD card and copy the .bin and .img files to the SD card. Once these two files have been copied to the SD card, place the card in your amp and power cycle to complete the restore process.