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I cannot record an overdub to a phrase with the Phrase Sampler on my Fender® G-DEC® 3.

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I've recorded a phrase but now I can't record an overdub.
Overdubbing into the Phrase Sampler can become be disabled for two reasons:

  1. If the Fender® G-DEC® 3 is connected to your computer and a program using the Fender Universal ASIO driver is running, overdubbing will be disabled.  If you would like to use the overdubbing feature, be sure to exit the application and/or disable the Fender ASIO driver as the default soundcard for you computer.

  2. Check the Phrase Mode menus to make sure that Phrase SPEED is set to 100% and Phrase PITCH is set to No Shift.  Overdubbing is not possible while using the time stretching and pitch shifting features on the Fender G-DEC 3.