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Preset Compatibility for Fender® Mustang™ (V.1) and (V.2) Amplifier Series

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Are Presets from my Fender Mustang V.2 amp compatible with my Mustang V.1 amp?
Presets for the Fender Mustang I-V (V.2) are compatible with the Mustang I-V (V.1), Mustang Floor, Mustang mini and Fender Passport® mini amps with the following exceptions.

When a Mustang V.2 Preset containing a new V.2 model, effect or both is opened using the Open, Import, Save Preset to Amp or Media Library functions in the Fender® FUSE™ software with a Mustang V.1 product connected, the user will see one of the following messages displayed below. In these instances, a default amp model will be loaded for a non-supported model (Mustang V.2 to Mustang V.1 Preset), and any unsupported effects will be removed. As expected, in these cases, the sound of the Preset will change and need to be adjusted to taste.