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The Fender® FUSE™ Community and Registration

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What is the Fender FUSE Community and how do I register?

The Fender® FUSE™ Community can be thought of as sort of a Preset trading post for Fender FUSE-connected product users.  Any Preset you create can be uploaded from the Media Library in Fender FUSE and shared with other users of Fender FUSE-connected products.  Additionally, Presets created by others can be downloaded and saved to your Fender FUSE-connected product.  The Fender FUSE Community can be accessed by clicking on the Community button at the bottom the Preset Editor screen or from your web browser at  Also, Presets and Band Tracks located on the Fender FUSE Community can be downloaded directly from the Media Library by clicking the Web tab and right-clicking the Preset or Band Track you wish to download.

In order to access the Fender FUSE Community, you must first register and create an account. To register for a Fender FUSE Community account, please visit and click on the Register button in the upper right corner of the Fender FUSE hoime page. For additional detailed instructions on setting up a fender FUSE Community account, please read through the PDF link in the "Related Downloads" section below.