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The Fender® FUSE™ Media Library

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The Fender FUSE Media Library

The Fender FUSE Media Library functions as a librarian for all of your Presets and Band Tracks.  Every Preset or Band track on your computer, amplifier, or on the Fender FUSE Community can be accessed from the Media Library.  Furthermore, any user-created Presets uploaded to the Community must be uploaded from the Media Library. 

In the Media Library, content is diplayed according to location.  Presets and Band Tracks that reside on your computer can be accessed by clicking on the Computer tab.  Presets stored on the amp can be accessed by clicking the Amp tab.  Clicking the Web tab will display all Presets and Band tracks that are available for download on the Fender FUSE Community.  These files can be downloaded by right-clicking the Preset or Band Track you wish to download.  There is also an Add to Library function that allows for importing of Preset, MP3, WAV, and MIDI files to be imported into Fender FUSE.