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The Fender® FUSE™ Preset Editor

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What functions can the Preset Editor in Fender FUSE perform?
The Fender Mustang series amplifiers have the ability to store their amp model and FX settings as files known as Presets. Presets contain information such as the Amp Model selected, the FX used, and any comments or Preset info that the author has entered about that Preset. Fender FUSE can create and/or modify these preset files. Amp models and FX are shown graphically on the computer monitor and feature turnable knobs and clickable buttons to make the experience similar to turning the knobs on a standard guitar amp. FX pedals and rack modules can be added and rearranged by clicking and dragging them to the desired FX slot (Mustang only). There are four effects slots for pedal FX and four slots for rack FX. These slots allow the insertion of any combination of Stomp Box, Modulation, Delay, and Reverb FX. Once the desired amp model is selected, along with any FX that will be used, these settings can be saved as a Preset.