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Updating firmware on Fender® Passport® mini

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How do I update firmware on my Fender Passport mini?

Your Fender Passport mini's firmware can be updated by the user with the Fender FUSE software and your amp connected. To do this, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Main Menu (top left hand side in the Fender FUSE user interface), and select Utilities and Update firmware.
  2. Turn off the power on your Fender Passport mini. While holding theTap/Tuner  button, turn the power back on.
  3. A dialog window will open. Here you will choose either the bundled firmware update file or you can browse for the firmware file you would like to update to. (The current Passport mini firmware version can be downloaded below.)
  4. Once you have selected the correct firmware file, select it, and Fender FUSE will automatically begin the firmware update process.
  5. Once the firmware update is complete, turn your Fender Passport mini off and back on. At this point, the update process is complete.

The current version of firmware for the Fender Passport mini is 1.2. This firmware update is recommended for all Fender Passport mini owners.

Enhancements/Fixes include the following items:

• Improved battery level detection