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Using The Effects Loop On The Fender® Mustang™ III-V Amplifiers

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What options do I have when using the effects loop on my Fender® Mustang™ III-V amplifiers?
The Fender Mustang III-V amps include an effects loop. On the Mustang III (V1 & V2), the effects loop is mono (one send/one return).  For the Mustang III, the audio signal is summed when using the effects send/return. When a hardware effect is used, the internal audio signal is summed. This includes any effects running in stereo. 

On the Mustang IV and V (V1 & V2), the effects loop is stereo (left & right send/left and right return). When a stereo hardware effect is used, the true stereo signal is carried though the effects loop and through the amp’s output section. If only one channel (left or right) of the effects sends is used, any internal stereo effects will be output through the effects send only on the channel that is being connected. The effects loop on the Mustang IV and V amps is not summed. The result of connecting a mono hardware effect to the stereo effects loop on the Mustang IV or V amps will be that you will lose the opposite channel’s signal content only for any stereo effects currently running internally on the amp. We recommend that stereo hardware effects be used with the Mustang IV and V amp’s effects loop whenever possible. 

It is also possible to use an appropriate “Y” adaptor cable to get signal from both left and right effects send outputs on the Mustang IV and V amps. The result here will be two channels of audio depending on how the adaptor cables are connected. But the signal path will be two channels but not in stereo. Please let us know if we can assist further.