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Cold War Kids’ Nathan Willett on His ‘Soul-Punk’ Band

Early in their career, So Cal band Cold War Kids faced a dilemma when journalists would ask how they describe…

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November 24, 2015

Albert Hammond Jr. Performs ‘Razor’s Edge’ on Kimmel

Albert Hammond Jr. is known for playing the same white Stratocaster that he originally picked up in 1999, just as the…

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November 23, 2015

Fender Celebrating Social Media #HendrixWeek in Honor of Jimi’s Birthday

To celebrate Jimi Hendrix’s upcoming birthday on November 27, Fender is kicking off #HendrixWeek, a week of social-media tributes to…

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November 22, 2015

Watch Deerhunter Perform Two Songs for KCRW

Atlanta-based indie rockers Deerhunter recently performed a few songs off latest album Fading Frontier for KCRW while stopping through Los Angeles. The…

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Butch Walker Performs ‘Afraid of Ghosts’ with the Acoustic Pro Amp

Famed producer and singer/songwriter Butch Walker recently plugged into one of Fender’s new Acoustic Pro amps to play the haunting…

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"This band Mellowdrone that we were super down with, they all played Fender— Fender amps, Fender guitars. Zach actually has his [Jonathan Bates] Fender guitar and his Fender amp, and pretty much his pedal board. And I feel like we just looked up to that guy super hard and he knew what was up, so we just went with Fender. And then obviously it was sick so we just kept using them." - Guitarist Jeremy Freedman

Go Behind the Scenes of the Neighbourhood’s Tour Rehearsals

  Evocative. Dark. Moody. Infectious. Brooding. Atmospheric. Monochromatic. Thematic. Indie. Hip-Hop. Pop. Those are all words often used to describe…

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