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Plugged In May 13, 2015

Get to Know Priory

Portland-based band Priory put out their self-titled debut album in 2011, a well-received collection of indie-folk tunes that earned a…

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Diarrhea Planet
Plugged In November 28, 2014

Plugged In: Diarrhea Planet

A band with the name Diarrhea Planet (DP) makes you pause. As in, who would have the audacity to adopt…

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Plugged In June 16, 2014

Plugged In: Kongos

Danny Kongos was on the tour bus with his band Kongos—the current darlings of the alternative airwaves—barreling through Seattle when…

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Plugged In February 27, 2014

Plugged In: The Skins

Barreling down a snowy highway in South Dakota, midway through a drive that would ultimately span from Chicago to Vancouver…

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Plugged In September 17, 2013

Plugged In: Big Scary

With their sophomore full-length album Not Art set to come out in the United States in early 2014 under their…

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Plugged In: Royal Teeth
Plugged In May 29, 2013

Plugged In: Royal Teeth

It wasn’t a long road for the Louisiana-based Royal Teeth to come together as a base unit, but it did…

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Plugged In: Family of the Year
Plugged In December 19, 2012

Plugged In: Family of the Year

Even though Family of the Year’s third-ever show was a prestigious opening slot for Ben Folds at Boston’s Symphony Hall,…

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Plugged In October 30, 2012

Plugged In: Infantree

"Thank you Fender for recording us and leting us play your awesome guitars at Outside Lands, we had a ball!"…

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