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5 Squier Models to Try from NAMM

Written by on January 22, 2016

The Squier Showcase was hopping this year at the 2016 NAMM Show, with several models catching the eyes of attendees, who got the opportunity to interact with many of the guitars and basses on site.

So as the annual event in Anaheim, Calif., barrels on, we’ve collected five noteworthy Squier models that garnered some of that buzz.

Deluxe Dimension Bass V

The pop of the Squier Deluxe Dimension Bass V was heard on the Squier floor, with an active humbucking pickup delivering both subtle and seismic tone. What’s more, the offset body is an interesting and ergonomically pleasant touch to the instrument.


Vintage Modified ’72 Tele Thinline

Who wouldn’t love a callback to the 1972 Telecaster Thinline? Those Wide Range humbucking pickups give this stylish model a distinctive personality, smooth and warm with plenty of cut.


Baritone Jazzmaster

One of Squier’s most distinctive instruments, the Baritone Jazzmaster is impossible to miss. The vintage-style Antigua finish make it a show-stealer, while the 30” scale length lends to the guitar’s inner rumble.


Vintage Modified ’70’s Stratocaster

Another Vintage Modified instrument on this list, the Vintage Modified ‘70s Stratocaster evokes the 1970s standard with a large headstock and vintage-tinted gloss finish. And check out that vintage-style tremolo arm! The White Vintage Modified ‘70s Stratocaster hanging on the wall got a lot of attention.


Classic Vibe Jazz Bass 60’s

The Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass ‘60s couldn’t be missed, as its striking Inca Silver finish caught the NAMM spotlights immediately. But the classic “deluxe” elements of this bass also made it quite popular.


  • bobby Tolbert

    I like fender.

    • Scott Goodson

      Me too, but Squier usually settles with the pocketbook a bit nicer. Now if only they put out a duo sonic or cyclone and have it priced alongside the ’51…

  • oldpackerfan12

    I would buy that Tele..if it had 22 frets instead of 21. In this day and age i can’t see any reason to even make a fretboard with less than 22 frets

    • ExGob

      I have played electric guitars for over fifty years and I have never been swayed one way or the other by the absence or addition of one more fret. But, that’s just me. Never settle for what they’ve got if it’s not what you prefer. Maybe your comments will help to convince fender to make that Tele with the option of 22 frets. After all….different strokes for different folks.

  • NoyzyBoyz

    The Strat that’s pictured here,doesn’t have a trem arm!

  • Zak m

    1 piece neck is always 21 fret