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Tech Talk: 3 Reasons Fender IEMs Make a Soundperson Happy

Written by on September 14, 2016

Fender In-Ear Monitors

The unsung hero of any musical performance is the soundperson, toiling away behind the mixer to create the best possible sound for both the band and the audience. These saintly figures have a ton of different things to keep track of during a performance, and any technology that can lighten their load is a win.

Here’s how Fender Pro Series In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) can help:

  1. No More Wedges: Not employing wedges means you get a cleaner mix since you don’t have the wedges’ sound bleeding into the sound from the mains, causing instrument balance and phase issues.
  2. Quieter Stage: High volume from the monitors used to be required so the performers can hear the monitors over a drummer. This volume can bleed into the vocal mics, causing feedback (and not the cool kind used by Jimi Hendrix).
  3. Leverage Technology: Fender IEMs are a natural partner for today’s digital mixers since these mixers often allow you to create your own monitor mix with almost any mobile device. That means the soundperson can focus on making your main mix killer, not constantly tweaking your monitor mix for you.

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