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Fender Premium

Audio System

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The best seat in the house is behind the wheel of a Volkswagen

Liter Subwoofer Enclosure

* Speakers not shown to scale

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Fender Deluxe™ Tweeter

• 2 ohm, soft dome with neodymium magnet
• Wide frequency range and extension
• Incredibly low distortion
• Excellent off-axis performance
• Reveals the harmonic richness of voices and instruments

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Fender Twin™ Speaker

• 16cm with dual voice coils (20cm in Beetle)
• Ribbed polypropylene honeycomb cone
• Wide frequency range and extension
• High power handling capability
• Lightweight and low distortion
• Cuts through noise and other distractions
• Enjoyable, even when loud

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Fender Bassman™ Subwoofer

• 20cm with dual voice coils
• Lightweight and high-efficiency neodymium magnet
• Glass-fiber reinforced foam paper
• Super low distortion
• High power handling capability
• Powerful and precise bass response

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Beetle Fender Edition

From the company that created the signature sound of modern music

CNET's Best Sounding Car Stereo

The Fender Premium Audio System debuted in the Jetta GLI, Passat and Beetle vehicles in the United States, and it is available in the Beetle globally. It includes nine speakers along with a 10-channel amplifier providing 400 watts of system power.

The system cuts through noise and other distractions with front dual-voice coil speakers to create a soundstage closely akin to a true live performance

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The Natural Combination of Motoring and Music

For decades, automotive enthusiasts have driven the world's roads accompanied by the varied sounds of the music they love.

It is exactly this natural combination of motoring and music that fuels the distinctive partnership between Fender and Volkswagen and has led to the remarkable Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition vehicle.The Beetle Fender Edition is currently available at Volkswagen dealers.

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An award-winning premium audio system

CE Outlook

The honor of OEM Car Radio of the Year 2011 went to the Fender audio system in the Volkswagen Beetle 2.0T Turbo, announced CNET, claiming that the Fender system sounds better than the Bose car audio system.

- Amy Gilroy, CE Outlook


CNET Reviews

Most impressive is the Fender audio system, standard on the SEL trim Passat, which we find is the best system available in the segment [...] this system produces excellent depth and detail [...] We were blown away by its ability to ...

- Wayne Cunningham, CNET Reviews


The Fender system's strengths are detail, dynamics and spatial rendition. Pop in any complex recording, and you will hear crystal-clear vocals, both male and female, and all the instruments independently, rather than ...

- Joe Wiesenfelder,



Adding another bit of kind-of retro flair are the classic Fender emblems on the audio system [...] It sounds great, too, especially while playing the wailing notes of a Stratocaster.

- Bob Golfen, SPEED


Auto 123

Fender has teamed up with VW (a first for Fender and the auto industry) to bring the Beetle a sound unlike any other Volks has ever had. And I have to say, it doesn't disappoint. Perhaps it's the acoustics of the Beetle ...

- Miranda Lightstone, Auto 123



For audiophiles, a killer Fender premium audio system is available. Developed in association with Panasonic, the eight-speaker, 400-watt system is standard on Highline and optional on Comfortline trims.

-Lorne Drury


Motor Trend

VW's new Fender premium audio system is among the standard features on all Passat VR6's. With crisp, clean sound biased toward the front of the interior to best replicate a live concert, this hi-fi is the best you'll find in a non-luxury car, ...

- Todd Lassa, Motor Trend


Popular Mechanics

Starting with the 2012 Jetta GLI, Volkswagen is rolling out its new, 400-watt premium audio system by Fender, the American brand more famous for its Stratocaster guitars than its stereo equipment. After three years of ...

- James Tate, Popular Mechanics



In a three-year collaboration with car-audio masters Panasonic, Fender lent their trained ears and driver (not that kind of driver) building expertise to a collaboration bent on recreating the live concert experience inside an ...

- Gearwire


VW Vortex

We have to say, [the Fender Premium Audio system] is one of the best OEM systems out there. [It] is harmonically complex, [...] revealing original instrumentation timbre and harmonic richness, bringing the raw emotion of live ...

- Jamie Vondruska, VW Vortex



After a listen in all three cars, we agree that Budiono has excellent reason for confidence – we haven't heard a basic system this good at this price point.

- Jonathon Ramsey, AutoBlog


Edmunds Insideline

At first blush, the VW-Fender mashup makes beautiful music. I can't wait to take on the road, where the two brands have built their respective reputations.

- Doug Newcomb, Edmunds Inside Line


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The best seat in the house is behind the wheel of a Volkswagen

It's Time To Play It Loud

Fender Premium Audio has finally hit the streets, and we want YOU to experience what the automobile audio industry is describing as “one of the best” automotive audio systems by Motor Trend magazine.

The Fender Premium Audio System, featured exclusively in the 2013 Volkswagen Passat, Beetle, Jetta and Jetta GLI, is the first of its kind boasting nine speakers and 400 watts of power.

The system, developed over three years by leading Fender and Panasonic sound engineers, reproduces Fender's classic sound highlighted by uncompromised clarity at low or high volumes, powerful bass response and detailed midrange tones that combine to recreate the raw emotion of a live performance.

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Experiencing Fender Premium Audio firsthand is as simple as visiting your local Volkswagen dealership.

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Want to build a VW that satisfies your tastes? Customizing your Passat, Beetle or Jetta is a mere click away.

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